Black Rice


weightWeight: 380g

mapCountry of Origin: Τhailand

Health Benefits and Nutrition info

Holding an important place in the list of superfoods, black rice is an excellent alternative for people who are looking for great taste as well as high nutritional value. Black rice is an excellent source of antioxidants that help maintain good health and overall wellness. Amongst its nutritional properties, black rice is high in fiber thus making it suitable and essential for people who follow a vegetarian diet.


Its distinctive black color derives from the high concentration of anthocyanin – a type of antioxidant which has been shown in studies to help reduce heart disease, cancer and reduce body weight.


Black rice – or else called the forbidden rice is an ancient wheat which was first introduced in the East, and more specifically in China. This rice was a delicacy only for the rich since it was very hard to find and only few people were able to afford this very expensive but yet very tasty rise. This rice was very hard to cultivate and limited offer was available in the market at a very high price.

How to enjoy

Cooking time for black rice differs from white rice because of its hard outer shell. You can reduce the cooking time by soaking black rice in water for an hour or even a day. A total of one hour might be needed for this rice if not soaked.

Preparation and cooking tips

Black rice can be used as an alternative to white or brown rice as well as in salads and pilafs. An ideal addition in deserts such as and rice putting.

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