Tricolor Quinoa


weightWeight: 350g

mapCountry of Origin: Peru

Health Benefits and Nutrition info

Number one in the list of superfoods, quinoa is undeniably one of the foods that can hold a significant positing on our nutrition and this is no coincidence. Apart from its great taste it consists of many nutrients that are essential for maintaining good health and wellness. Ideal for people who are intolerant to gluten, quinoa can be included in their diets as a substitute to foods that contain gluten (wheat, barley, rye). Due to its low glycemic index it can also be consumed by people who suffer from diabetes. Also, quinoa has more protein than wheat, Omega 3 fat, potassium, iron, amino acids and many other beneficial ingredients. Research has shown that quinoa can help brain perfusion, concentration and mental performance, treatment of migraines as well as benefit the heart function and metabolism.


Tricolor quinoa consists of a combination of white, red and black quinoa seeds.


Quinoa origins are traced in Latin American where it was widely known as the ‘The Golden Food’ – the name was given due to its high nutritional value. With the global demand in quinoa constantly growing other countries have joined in the production of this seed but traditionally countries with the largest production in quinoa are Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

How to enjoy

Tricolour quinoa is cooked in a similar way as rice (one part quinoa – two parts water). It is very important to rinse the quinoa thoroughly before the boil with fresh water rubbing the seeds very well so as to ensure that the bitter taste of the hull has gone. Indicative cooking time is 20-25 minutes. Red quinoa maintains its texture more that white quinoa and black quinoa has a sweeter taste white retaining its impressive dark colour. The balanced combination of all colours is the perfect choice for spectacular dishes

Preparation and cooking tips

Tricolor quinoa is an ideal companion to meat or chicken while its striking appearance makes it appealing for salads or other dishes that require a particular presentation and unique taste.

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