Carob Powder


weightNet Weight: 200g

mapCountry of Origin: Cyprus

Health Benefits and Nutrition info

Carob powder is made exclusively from carob lobes, a forgotten food that is gradually gaining its fame back mainly due to its high nutritional value. Carob contains a large number of plant proteins, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins A and B but no oxalic acid which makes it an ideal food since it helps the human body digest calcium. The caloric value of carob powder is not inconsistent with its particularly intense sweet taste (very few calories for a very sweet flavor) thus making it an ideal alternative to sugar or cocoa for people who suffer from diabetes. It can also be used as an alternative to coffee or cocoa since it’s caffeine free and also suitable for people that are gluten intolerant since it does not contain and gluten. Its high sugar content, which accounts for 30% -40% of its total weight, makes it particularly nutritious and tonic. This is a Cypriot product.


Carob has a unique and distinguished flavor that reminiscent caramel while its derivatives can be consumed by people who follow a vegetarian diet. When the carob lobe is cleaned from the seeds and processed at high temperatures, carob powder is produced. This powder resembles the appearance of cocoa powder, but in fact varies considerably in taste, since the carob powder is much sweeter.


Carob is an edible bean-like tropical fruit and the tree is grown in the Mediterranean and North Africa. In recent history, there is little reference to this tree, which has been particularly famous in many cultures for thousands of years. In fact, carob seeds were used as a measuring unit for gold since for a very strange reason these seeds always have the same weight.

How to enjoy

Carob powder is an ideal substitute to cocoa powder and a heathy alterative to chocolate. It can be consumed by people who follow a vegetarian diet, diabetics as well as people who are gluten intolerant. When used as a substitute to cocoa who should be very careful of the amount you use since its taste is much sweeter that cocoa powder.

Preparation and cooking tips

It can be used in cakes, hot beverages, milkshakes and other deserts as a substitute to cocoa powder. Also, a healthy choice for cereal bars.

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