Earl Grey Tea


tea bagNet Weight: 1X20 tea bag x 1.3g  = 26g

herbal Ingredients: Black tea with earl gray flavor

mapCountry of Origin: Germany

Preparation TimePreparation: 2-3 mins | 99 ℃

Earl Grey is one of the most recognized flavored teas in the world. A tea blend with a distinctive citrus flavor and aroma obtained from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange. Bergamot is an odorous citrus fruit with the appearance and flavor somewhere between an orange and a lemon with a little grapefruit and lime thrown in.

It is commonly known that the term “Earl Grey” refers to black tea that contains oil of bergamot as a flavoring.

Earl Grey isn’t just it’s a unique and tasty flavor; it also has a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits of Earl Grey tea include digestion, good for the teeth, reduce anxiety and depression, gives energy and helps in weight loss.

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