Ginger Tea


tea bagNet Weight: 1X20 tea bag x 1.3g  = 26g

herbal Ingredients: Dried 100% Ginger routs

mapCountry of Origin: India (packed in Cyprus)

Preparation TimePreparation: 3-5 mins | 99 ℃

One of our favorite herbal infusions. The special, distinct aroma, spicy taste and health benefits of Ginger offer you a cup of pure pleasure and goodness!

Ginger promotes gas elimination in the digestive system as well as helps reduce vomiting and nausea. Its significant anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling and pain in people suffering from arthritis. Ginger has antiviral properties that relieve the common cold and improve the immune system to prevent recurrence of colds. Ginger also reduces cholesterol levels in the body by enhancing conversion of cholesterol to bile acids and impairing absorption of cholesterol.

Sit back, relax and inhale the aroma of rich, spicy ginger.  Take a sip and experience this unique feeling of warmness in your body and soul…

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