Strawberry Tea


tea bagNet Weight: 1X20 tea bag x 1.3g  = 26g

herbal Ingredients: Black tea with natural Strawberry Flavor

mapCountry of Origin: Ceylon

Preparation TimePreparation: 2-3 mins | 99 ℃

Not only are strawberries tasty, they are highly nutritious too. They contain high amounts of Vitamin C, along with significant amounts of antioxidants. Strawberry black tea combines the juicy taste of strawberries the vivid taste of black tea. It’s a treat you’ll want to keep for yourself!

During the winter season, there is nothing more appealing than a cup of warm strawberry tea. Of course, in the summer, you can enjoy it as an iced tea or even freeze the brew into popsicles and enjoy.

Some of the benefits of strawberry tea are weight loss; enhance digestive health and calming mood.

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