Recipe for Banana ice cream with carob powder & caramel


  • 50g roasted almonds
  • 500g bananas, in chunks, frozen for at least 24 hours
  • 20g #NaturalLife carob powder
  • 10g honey
  • Caramel sauce for garnish


  • First, cut 500g bananas from the day before and put them in the freezer.
  • Put in a bowl 50g roasted almonds and whisk them in the blender.
  • Transfer the mixture to a bowl.
  • Put the frozen bananas in the blender, 20g carob powder, 10g honey and whisk for 20 seconds.
  • Add the almonds mixture (except for 1-2 tablespoons set aside for garnish) and beat for 20.
  • Serve with caramel sauce and garnish with the almond’s nuts.