Tricolor Jasmine Rice


weightWeight: 380g

mapOrigin: Thailand

Health Benefits and Nutrition info

Rice is considered to be one of the most important foods for our body since it provides energy. Brown rice is basically the raw version of white rice but so much better for us in terms of nutrition value and other health benefits.  It maintains its shell thus making it more digestible and light on the stomach as well as high in protein, calcium, fiber and selenium, which is an anti-cancer potent that reduces the risk of heart disease and arthritis. Due to its low glycemic index it is also considered a safe alternative for people who suffer from diabetes. Black rice is an excellent source of antioxidants which help maintain good health as well as a source of fiber that is also essential for the proper functioning of the body. Amongst it numerous health benefits black rice is also high in iron, essential for people who choose to follow a vegetarian diet. Red rice is also characterized by its high nutrition value but also for its unique nutty flavor and red color which is caused by the high concentration of anthocyanin – an important antioxidant found in red rice.


Excellent quality of aromatic rice from Thailand Tricolor Jasmine Rice consists of a balanced combination of brown, black and red rice making it a significant addition to your diet.


Rice can easily be characterized as the most popular food in the world as it is one of the main ingredients in the nutrition of many countries and especially Eastern civilizations. The history of rice is interwoven with human history.

How to enjoy

Tricolor Jasmine rice can be used instead of white rice but the final texture will naturally be more al dente.

Preparation and cooking tips

This rice can ideally be used in recipes for risotto, stuffed vegetable and side dish for meat and poultry.

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